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Vietnam foreign relations

Wed, 25 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

Over many ups and downs, Vietnam foreign relations constantly expand towards international diversification and multilateralism; normalize and gradually establish a framework of long-term stable relationships with all country over the world.

Vietnam under the regime of Socialist Republic of Vietnam has maintained diplomatic relations with over 180 countries from all continents and has retained normal relations with all major powers, standing member of United Nations Security Council. Central Committee’s Political Report of the Communist Party of Vietnam at the 11th National Assembly raised Vietnam foreign policy: consistently implement the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development; proactively and positively multilateralize and diversify relations and international integration; be a reliable partner and responsible member of the international community; and implement on the behalf of national interests because of a prosperous socialist Vietnam.

Among countries having established Vietnam foreign relations, Vietnam has announced the establishment of strategic partnerships with 10 countries including: the Russian Federation (2001), Japan (2006), India (2007), China (2008), South Korea, Spain (2009), United Kingdom (2010), Germany (2011), Italy (2013). In particular, relationship with China and Russia has been raised to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Additionally, Vietnam has established a comprehensive partnership with Australia since 2009. Both France and Vietnam also agreed to soon enhance bilateral ties to reach strategic partners, and even Vietnam have similar intentions for America and some countries in Southeast Asia.


President of Austria visits Vietnam


Over many ups and downs, foreign relations of Vietnam constantly expand towards international diversification and multilateralism; normalize and gradually establish a framework of long-term stable relationships with all major countries and industrialized countries. So far Vietnam has kept in existence diplomatic relations with almost developed countries in the world, including all power countries, had economic relations with more than 220 foreign markets and been a member of many international organizations and forums such as the Francophonie (1970), United Nations (1977), Non-Aligned Movement (1976), ASEAN (1995), Asia-Europe Cooperation Forum ASEM (1996), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum APEC (1998), World Trade Organization WTO (2006).

Vietnam has settled many disputes about borders, territory, islands, maintaining a peaceful environment; simultaneously, the country proactively integrates international and regional economy, enlists more ODA, FDI and foreign market expansion; and strengthens multilateral diplomacy.


Vietnam successfully held 17th ASEAN Summit 2010


The significant events of Vietnam foreign affairs in recent years: Vietnam successfully organized 7th Summit of Francophonie organization (1997), 7th ASEAN Summit (1998), 5th Asian-Europe Cooperation Forum Summit (2004), 14th APEC Summit (2006). U.S. facilitates Vietnam permanent normal trade relations (11/2006). On October 16, 2007 Vietnam has been elected as one of non-permanent members of the UN Security Council for the 2008-2009 term.

Vietnam achieved many outstanding foreign achievements in 2010: Vietnam successfully undertook the role of ASEAN Chair with the theme Towards ASEAN Community: From Vision to Action, successfully chaired World Economic Forum World (WEF) on East Asia, successfully organized 2nd Vietnam – Africa international seminar. In 2012, Vietnam successfully held Vietnam - Latin America Forum on Trade and Investment.

Vietnam has established strategic partnerships with regional power nations and all over the world. Jump to 6/2013, countries which retain this kind of relationship with Vietnam are composed of 3 permanent members of the UN: Russia (2001), England (2010), China (2008) and France (2013); 2 North Asia's power countries: Korea (2009) and Japan (2009); 1 South Asia powers: India (2007); 3 countries in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore (2013). In Europe, strategic partners of Vietnam are Germany (2011), Spain (2009), and Italy (1-2013). Among them, some relationship with China (2008) and Russia (7-2012) was raised to "comprehensive strategic partnership". In addition, Vietnam has established "comprehensive partnership" relations with Australia and United States (2013) since 2009.

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