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Binh Dinh weather

Thu, 24 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

Binh Dinh weather is characterized by tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons, rainy season and dry season. Rainy season in Binh Dinh lasts from September to December, while dry season runs from January to August.


Climate in Binh Dinh is typified by the humid tropical monsoon. Due to the complexity of the terrain, the monsoons often change their direction and intensity when entering South Central Coast. The annual temperature in mountainous areas averages from 20.1 to 26.1 °C. The highest temperature is 31.7 °C, and the lowest one is 16.5 °C. In coastal areas, the average temperature is 27.0 °C, the highest and lowest 39.9 °C 15.8 °C. The absolute humidity in mountainous area averages from 22.5 to 27.9%, while the relative humidity is 79-92%. In coastal area, the average absolute humidity is 27.9%, and the average relative humidity is 79%.

Weather in Binh Dinh is impacted by weather in South Central Coast. Rainy season in Binh Dinh lasts from September to December. Particularly, in mountainous regions, there are two rainy months in May and August, due to the effects of rainy season in Central Highlands. Dry season persists from January to August. In mountainous districts, the total average annual rainfall is about 2000-2400 mm. In coastal region, the annual rainfall averages 1751 mm. Total average rainfall tends to decrease gradually from the mountainous area to coastal area, and  from northwest to southeast.


Binh Dinh weather by month


A corner of a beach in Quy Nhon


In dry season, Binh Dinh weather witnesses a long hot and dry period from January to August. The temperature during this season ranges from 24°C to 31°C. The highest temperature is seen in June, July and August (35°C). The lowest temperature is in January with the highest temperature of 27°C and the lowest one of 21°C. The gap between average high temperature and average low temperature is about 6-8°C. Temperature increases gradually from February to June. During these months, the average precipitation does not exceed 100mm per month. The highest rainfall level in dry months is seen in May and August (from 80-100mm). Meanwhile, rainfall level in other months is less than 50mm. The humidity is not too high (79%).

Rainy season in Binh Dinh does not last long. It takes place in 4 months (from September to December). During these months, the average temperature is about 27°C, and gradually falls from October to December. The highest temperature is recorded in September (30°C), while the lowest temperature is seen in December (24°C). The gap between the average high temperature and average low temperature is not large, about 4-7°C. Binh Dinh climate in this season undergoes a high-rainfall period. The average rainfall is above 200mm per month. The highest rainfall is recorded in October (over 400mm), followed by November and September; meanwhile, the lowest level is seen in December (about 190mm).


Best time to travel Binh Dinh


Cu Mong Pass in Binh Dinh


Binh Dinh is one of destinations in Vietnam suitable to visit at any time of a year. If you travel Binh Dinh at the beginning of a year, you will have a chance to enjoy beautiful sunny and dry days with azure sky. This time is also the festive period in Binh Dinh in particular and Southern Vietnam in general. Some famous festivals in the early months are Vietnamese traditional New Year, Lantern Festival, and other cultural activities in this province. In dry season, Binh Dinh is at its best with beautiful seascapes and landscapes. You will feel joyous with your holidays in Binh Dinh, yet, it is quite hot in late months of dry season. Moreover, you will not be worried about sudden rains which discomfort your vacations. If you travel Binh Dinh in rainy season, the weather in Binh Dinh will be cooled by rains. This season will facilitate you to join in interesting sea sports and explore many unique landscapes and historical relics. In short, at any time of a year, Binh Dinh has its own fascinating features.

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