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Opening Can Tho - Dalat route from April 26

Mon, 06 Apr 2015. Last updated Tue, 07 Aug 2018 14:50

Can Tho - Dalat route will be opened on April 26 in the combination of VASCO, Can Tho and Lam Dong People’s Committees. The route will contribute greatly to the development of tourism in Can Tho and Dalat, and providing other social and economic services.

Can Tho - Dalat route will be opened on April 26 after the commitment of three parties, including representatives of two localities, and Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) and a travel company, on jointly promoting the plan and sharing risks with each other. In meeting in Can Tho, representatives of Can Tho City's authority, Lam Dong administration, as well as VASCO and a travel agent agreed to operate flights from Can Tho to Dalat on April 26. According to the plan, at the beginning period, there are two round-trip flights Can Tho - Dalat. Then, the frequency can be raised to 3 flights per week, event 1 flight per day, if the demand of passengers increases. It is expected that there is a series of aircrafts of ATR72 with 65 seats serving the route.

Vietnam Airlines A350 – 900

In terms of exploitation form, Mr. Vu Duc Bien, Vice director of VASCO said that, in the beginning time, there are trial flights as charters to transports tourists from Can Tho to Dalat (Lam Dong Province). In addition, the flight also serves other kinds of passengers. Representative of the travel agent says that, Can Tho - Dalat flights are new; therefore, revenue lost is unavoidable in the very early time. So, it is necessary to coordinate with each other to overcome the difficulty. To specify, relevant sides agreed at the meeting that, apart from VASCO support of 40 million dong per flight, other units will share the risk. Accordingly, each flights must have at least 40 seats sold. The rest seats will be offset and shared to three sides. According to an estimation, the exploitation time from April 26 to late 2015, the route will witness the deficit of approximately 3.5 billion dong.

Lien Khuong Airport

Mr. Le Hung Dung, Chairman of Can Tho People's Committee said that the opening of Can Tho - Dalat route was necessary. Dalat is an attractive destination, while Can Tho is a key economic and tourism region of Mekong River Delta. Thus, the opening of this route will help tourism in Can Tho and tourism in Dalat faster. Having a same opinion, Chairman of Lam Dong People's Committee said that, among more than 4.8 million of tourists to Lam Dong annually, there is about 1 million coming to Mekong River Delta. The opening of this new route will shorten the time of traveling from Dalat to Can Tho. And, the travel expense will be reduced, stimulating the traveling demand of tourists in Vietnam tours. Besides, with the diversity of fruits and vegetables of Dalat it is more convenient to transport by air. Meanwhile, Dalat people have a need of consuming tropical fruits from Mekong River Delta.

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