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Ho Chi Minh City Book Street Festival welcomes Lunar New Year

Wed, 04 Feb 2015. Last updated Fri, 06 Mar 2015 12:01

Book Street Festival in HCM City is one of annual cultural and educational activities in the city to welcome New Year. Here, many books of all kinds are presented to introduce visitors. The festival is expected to bring many outstanding books to readers.

With the theme of Vietnam Identity and magnanimity, from February 16th -22nd, 2015, Book Street Festival 2015 will be held in Ho Chi Minh City. There are three themes displayed along four parts of street: Vietnam Magnanimity, Vietnam Glory, and Vietnam Identity, along with many ideas of decoration towards the city's achievements such as display of flower breeds applied high technology and rooftop garden. This is one of the most exciting modern and educative festivals in Ho Chi Minh City. The festival is a good recreational playground which promulgates reading culture, and brings a "fresh breeze" in the atmosphere of welcoming Lunar New Year in Ho Chi Minh City.


Area of ThaiHa Books in 2014 festival


The HCM Book Street Festival will be organized with four thematic areas of Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City Historic Milestones; Pride - Saigonese people; Sacred Islands; and Ho Chi Minh City Integration. The theme of Proud - Saigonese people will introduce books, photos of culture, soul, personality of Vietnamese people, and local people in Ho Chi Minh City, and the cultural characteristics of the dynamic young city. At the theme of Sacred Islands, visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about pictures, documents, and maps of "the Paracel and Spratly Islands of Vietnam – Historical Evidences" and legal documents about national sovereignty donated by friends in the world and local people's collections.

This year, there will be many publishers, book publishing companies in Ho Chi Minh City participating in the festival's program such as Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House, Thai Ha Books, Nha Nam, Fahasa, Phuong Nam Book Co., Ltd... These companies will introduce good and rare books to readers. In addition, some ancient "woodblocks" were published 300 years ago as texts and shelves of Buddha Dharma lineages promises to be one of highlights of ThaiHa Books in the Street Book Festival. Nha Nam Culture and Communication JSC will focus on displaying rare books in national language of authors, printers and publishers existing in Saigon during the period from late 19th century to 1945. At this year's HCM City Book Festival, the content of purchasing and exchanging old books was registered. It is predicted that, the number of old books will be very diverse and abundant, which is controlled strictly by the organizers.

Meanwhile, the theme of Ho Chi Minh City - Integration will be the convergence of about 5000 titles with nearly 50,000 copies of all kinds, materials about integration between countries in the world, between Ho Chi Minh City and other countries, especially countries in ASEAN Community. At the theme of Sacred Islands, visitors will learn many photographs, documents, maps of "the Paracel, and Spratly Islands of Vietnam - The historical evidences." In particular, segments of tourism books are also introduced. They are not just necessary information to the local people, but also foreign tourists and overseas Vietnamese:   Vietnam travel tips through images, Ben Thanh Market, Europe - 30 days and nights, and Japan - Around the World... The festival also features a road of Como ebooks (ensuring authors' copyright), introduction of technology applications in e-book publishing, book area for children with North-South Unified trains model, and book area for the blind...


Book street in Saigon


Especially, in this Book Street Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, visitors and readers will access the wireless network (Wi-Fi) free to read e-books in the area of street festivals, street spring flowers and spring flower market. Lunar New Year 2015 Book Street Festival will be held on Ham Nghi Street from the intersection of Ho Tung Mau - Ham Nghi to Ton Duc Thang Streets. This is the first time the festival will have free wifi service for readers and visitors, as well as on Flower Street, 23-9 Park, Spring Flower Festival - Tao Dan Park. 

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