Yen Tu Pagoda and records of Vietnam 4613 views

Yen Tu Pagoda and records of Vietnam

Yen Tu pagoda is a complex of pagodas in the mountain of Yen Tu - the most sacred place. Reaching here means reaching the ancestral place of Vietnamese Buddhism. Pilgrims come here with greatest sincerity to pray for the Buddha’s support.

Vietnamese Women’s Museum – Top 25 in Asia 3329 views

Vietnamese Women’s Museum – Top 25 in Asia

Vietnamese Women’s Museum which keeps images and items describing Vietnamese people’s life from the past to present was voted as one of the 25 most attractive museums in Asia by Tripadvisor in 2013.

Van Long natural reserve in Northern Vietnam 2956 views

Van Long natural reserve in Northern Vietnam

Van Long natural reserve is considered the largest wetland nature reserve in the Red River Delta. In 2010, Vietkings recognized this area as the place with the largest number of Delacour’s langurs in Vietnam and the biggest natural picture in Vietnam.

Noticeable attractions in Saigon 2869 views

Noticeable attractions in Saigon

Dubbed as “Pearl of Far East”, Saigon is not only known as the busiest commercial center but also the famous tourism city of Vietnam with colorful vibrant and bustling tourism space appealing visitors once visited this city.

The fall of Hanoi 4164 views

The fall of Hanoi

The Fall of Hanoi itself now carries historical values. The fall of Hanoi is very gorgeous because Hanoi is this point of time seems to converge all beauties of the whole country through a length of history.

Tuan Chau – The gem island 3375 views

Tuan Chau – The gem island

Once visited Halong Bay, visitors cannot miss the chance to visit Tuan Chau to explore gorgeous landscapes, the international recreation area and enjoy the unique music fountain show, dolphin and sea lion performances.

Ruong house in Hue 4083 views

Ruong house in Hue

Ruong house is invaluable in terms of architecture and culture as they keep the way of life and traditions of Hue people. It shows the harmony between nature and people as well as material and spiritual values.

Sapa – Where earth and heaven meet 3903 views

Sapa – Where earth and heaven meet

Each place has its own interesting features, which you can explore once you come there. Coming to Sapa, the land of clouds, tourists will have the chance to enjoy the pure air, explore gorgeous landscapes and learn the cultural identity of ethnic groups.

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