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Vietnam culture news – week 1

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 . Last updated Tue, 17 Mar 2015 16:48

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In Vietnam culture program this week, you will enjoy the Hope Concert in Hanoi, talk to talented Xam artists in Hanoi who released a music video about East Sea issue. Last but not least, you enjoy yourselves in an exciting Latinh America dance.

Now, we will look at outstanding Vietnam culture news of the last week. 

News 1: A ceremony to celebrate UNESCO recognition of Nguyen Dynasty royal document as the memory of world document in the Asia Pacific region program was took place in Hanoi on July 30th, 2014.  The Nguyen Dynasty royal document is the fourth Vietnamese artifact recognized by UNESCO. The Nguyen Dynasty document including royal edicts, decrees have huge the historical value and reflects the political thought, guidelines and policies of the Vietnamese state in the internal and external relations.

News 2: A new archeological site dated back nearly 1 million years ago discovered in the east of Gia Lai province. According to archeologists from Vietnam Institute of Archeology, the site dates back to the Stone Age, the only period of human development and longest period of the mankind history. According to the initial few researches carried out by group of archeologists from the Vietnam Institute of Archeology, Stone Age relic was found in 6 locations in An Khe commune.  Several objects have been found in the areas covering 10 thousand square kilometers along the Ba River.

News 3: An exhibition by a world renowned Japanese photographer Kazuyoshi Miyoshi opened in Hanoi on July 26th. The photo collection includes images of many Japan UNESCO world heritage sites including Shirakami Sachi forest, Yakushima Island and Himeji castle. The event is aim at promoting Japan natural beauty to Vietnamese people as well as improving the cultural exchange between two countries. 

News 4: The Quang Nam culture and sport festival week kicks off was held on July 29th with the participation of over 1500 performers and athletes. Held every 4 years, the festival is for culture exchanges between different local ethnic groups and it is also a chance to attract more tourists to the central province.

News 5: The northern province of Quang Ninh has partnered with the public of Korean Jeju Island to promote tourism Halong Bay. Halong Bay will be advertised on electronic view board in the center of Jeju Island. At the same time Jeju Island’s imagines will be showed at ports of Halong. The two world natural heritages, Halong Bay and Jeju Island are both famous destinations. The partnership will enhance the number of tourists coming to both 2 countries.

After giving some of the main culture news of the last week, now there is this week’s segment of Vietnamese culture news.

News 6: The Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra is no stranger to Hanoi Opera House stage. But it did not make the performance as the Hope Concert less special. For the second time, the Light Your Hope Foundation organized the Hope Concert in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to light the hope for poor students nationwide.

News 7:  Along with hundreds of Vietnamese artists who have performed the Vietnamese national anthem and songs to call the attention to the East Sea issue, Xam artists in Hanoi released music video incorporated with Xam singing melody in the East Sea subject. This project aims at encouraging the solidarity, patriotism spirit for Vietnamese nationwide. At the same time, promote the traditional art value of Xam singing to younger generation.

News 8: Latin America is famous for very hot and live dance moves such as Salsa, Samba, Tango, Live, Bolero, Bachata. The program will take you to another world famous dance originated from Latin America with a Hanoi dance club which is proud of being the first one introduce the dance to Vietnamese dancers.  


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