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Vietnam culture news – week 2

Fri, 26 Sep 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:50

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In Vietnam culture news this week, we will give you outstanding news of the week including Hanoian man molds art out of glass, young ambassadors dazzle Vietnamese audiences and how Vietnamese brocade is emblazed in hands of an Australian designer.

News 1: Representatives of An Giang province Muslim community held the ceremony to begin the month of Ramadan at Mubarak cathedral in Tan Chau town. Ramadan or the 9th month of Islamic calendar has special meaning to the Islamic Cham community. On these days, Islamic followers from 15 year of age abstain from food and drink during the day time in order to understand the life of poor people and to become better citizens.

News 2: Promoting the value of Royal Court Music has always been a top priority for artists in the Central city of Hue. With significant awards gaining in the traditional instrument music festival 2014 in Lam Dong, Hue Royal Court Music can continue to take pride in bringing the traditional music closer to audiences.

News 3: The 6th “Sao Mai Diem Hen” or Morning Star singing contest was kicked off in July and would be broadcasted on VTV6 channel. This year’s contest included 8 live shows and covered music trends and styles from Pop, Rock and Hip hop.  

News 4: An exhibition of 30 lacquer paintings by Vietnamese artists opened at the Orientate Museum in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition was the first series of activities within the Vietnamese Culture Days in Russia. This was the first time these paintings have been presented to international audience.

News 5: You have probably heard of the glass painting or the art of glass blowing from Murano, Italia. This today’s program will introduce you to a Hanoian man who is known in Vietnam for creating glass painting and delicate craft of engraving.

News 6: An orchestra of young and passionate students from Bringham Young University, in the USA of Utah has ended up their Asian tour in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The group is called BYU young ambassadors with over 40 years dazzling audiences in 67 countries with their attractive and energy performances of music, dance and theatre.

News 7: Brocade is an important part in the vibrant culture of Vietnam. Cynthia Mann, an Australian fashion designer has started a fashion brand named “Future Traditions”, using Vietnamese brocade and western design. Cynthia is also working on developing projects with other traditional handmade fabrics in Vietnam. She considers Vietnam as her second home and always tries to promote Vietnamese culture to the world with her designs.


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